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Outsourced end to end sales - exactly what you need in the go - to - market stage

Quality THEN Quantity – our effective approach for B2B Lead Generation. For us, representing your brand, in the utmost professional manner, is of paramount importance.

Our B2B data is guaranteed to be 98% accurate. We can also cleanse & use your own data and create customised data matching your criteria – a winning combination!

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Choosing Pipe Funnel

By outsourcing your B2B Lead Generation requirements, we are able to generate valuable business interest in your products and services. We break down the go-to-market stage into 6 specific intervals to support rapid pipeline growth, focused sales efforts, streamlined sales processes, and a highly efficient revenue generation.

Hot Lead Generation

We’re highly qualified in provided the best leads for your business with pre checks in place to ensure the individual is not only part of the decision making process but has intent to purchase

Appointment Setting

Get your appointments scheduled via one of our experienced team members with the decision makers you need. We will ensure your calendar is full of new business meetings across the week

Zoom Meetings

“Going digital” means more than hosting videoconferences and virtual happy hours to keep customers engaged

Face to Face Meeting

A B2B purchase decision isn’t just about the products—B2B buyers want to buy from businesses they know and trust

B2B Sales

Our B2B sales representatives own virtually the entire sales cycle, engaging customers throughout the buyer journey

Closing Deals

Perfect for businesses looking to convert their hot leads into revenue. Whether it be a small deal to a high ticket close


Great Products Deserve a Great Sales Organization.

Pipe Funnel provides the commercial knowledge and experienced outsourced sales team to support rapid pipeline growth during the go-to-market sales stage. Our flexible, fractal team approach adapts to your organization’s sales needs. Whether it’s entering new international markets or establishing regional sales footing, Pipe Funnel has the experience you need.

We utilize our proven go-to-market approach to establish a flexible outsourced team that gets you results. In other words, we fill in the gaps you may have with your current sales team. 

Our Testimonials

The Pipe Funnel team is highly professional and their ability to understand our complex industry in such a short space of time is commendable. They have supported our existing salesforce exponentially and collaborating with them has contributed directly to a successful round of funding.

Shams W.Pawel CEO

Pipefunnels team has provided us with the tools, resources and expertise needed to scale up sales activity. I'm highly impressed by their ability to adapt and learn to develop their bespoke sales approach making it relevant to all of our B2B clients and prospects, regardless of industry and size.

Harry Kit Founder and CEO

Working with Pipe Funnel has been crucial to the growth of our business from defining, testing and tracking key metrics to experimenting with new customer segments to see where our product lands best. Our pipeline and sales revenue has seen huge improvement as a result.

Laura T. Marketing Manager

    Meet the salesman behind Pipe Funnel

    “Founded by Michael Horsley who’s spent the past 10 years attracting new business acquisition to some of the largest corporate businesses globally”

    With Michaels sales experience and business acumen coupled up with our elusive company culture, calibre of network and reach across any global market – Pipefunnel has the pick of the litter all across the world when it comes to hiring experienced Business Development Managers. Pipefunnels success doesn’t just come from a one man army but a team of passionate individuals who help drive sales growth for our clients.

    Have A General Inquiry?

    If you have a general inquiry and would like to speak to our expert team, you can contact us via email at: michael@pipefunnel.co.uk

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